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Frank Commendador, Oahu & Big Island 

 Guard Agency License GDA-756

Uniformed Security Guards

The security guards at Jan-Guard Hawaii, Inc. provide regular inspection and patrol services for our clients. When our security guards patrol your business or property, they will check for signs of any unwanted individuals so that they can deter problems from happening. They will also report vagrancy, signs of theft, vandalism, or other illegal activities. Our security guards enforce all rules and regulations established by our clients as well as other governing authorities. You can expect to receive detailed reports from our security services company regarding the activities of your security guards and their observations from their assigned shifts.

Motorized Patrol Officers

Motorized patrol officers provide oversight and protection for commercial and private properties, events, locations, and limited access areas using marked patrol vehicles. Our motorized security officers regularly dismount their vehicles to provide spot-checking services, which helps to deter those who would cause problems or engage in illegal activities. They will also report any signs of vagrancy, theft, or vandalism. Jan-Guard’s motorized patrol officers record their activities and observations during their shift and maintain communication with our 24-hour dispatch as well. This ensures that you receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date information from our security officers.

Traffic Control and Flaggers

Flaggers control the flow of traffic around construction sites and other areas involving the use of heavy equipment. They provide protection and security both for your employees and for the individuals driving by the work site. From erecting warning and detour signs and positioning traffic cones and barricades to informing the construction crew of any safety hazards, flaggers play an important role in creating a safe work environment. Contact Jan-Guard Hawaii, Inc. today to learn more about the variety of security services we offer.

Our Services

Our Services