Locally owned & operated since 1999

Frank Commendador, Oahu & Big Island 

 Guard Agency License GDA-756

Personal Security

Provide personal security to individuals, groups, and or places in Hawaii.

Alarm Response

Inspecting locations and the removing of trespassers from private properties.

Motorized Patrol Officer

Providing oversight of commercial and private properties, events, locations, and limited access areas using marked patrol vehicles.

Traffic Control

Parking control, controlling access, directing traffic, and flagging for private or commercial properties and events in Hawaii.

Security Officer

Monitoring and notifying authorities of any activity or circumstance that warrants action for private and commercial properties, and small to large events, maintain detailed logs of visitors, contractors, and/or employee entry/exit from premises, secure exits, elevators, windows, check surveillance cameras regularly to identify anomalies and disruptions to operations to identify unlawful acts.

Inventory Control

Monitoring and reporting on commercial and private inventories for safety and security.  Incidental janitorial services may be required while patrols and conducting inventories.

Job Descriptions May Include:
Jan-Guard Career Advantages
  • Certified training provided
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Bonus incentives
  • Flexible hours
  • Part time security positions
  • Full time security positions
  • On-Call security positions

Open Positions

Big Island - Hilo

On-Call and Special Events for all positions

Big Island - Kona

Security Officer


Security Officer

Patrol Officer

Guard Card - We will help you obtain it

Minimum one year verifiable work experience

Minimum age of 18